The Rhythm of Life || By Elani Nicole, MA, MFTC, LPCC

I love this time of year. The crispness in the air, the shortening days and lengthening nights. The nostalgia of back to school and the memories of new school supplies. The changing of seasons always reminds me of the cyclical nature of life. There is order and repetition in nature and the only constant is change. 

The other day I was noting how these natural cycles live in human beings and how important cycle is to mental health. I have recently  noticed a resurgence of support and advocacy for rest. Many are talking about work, life balance and congratulating one another for taking a vacation or turning off their phones. And yet, the majority of our time is spent at work, pushing for consistent growth, failing to recognize that there is no cycle or balance in constant increase and productivity.

Many of my clients struggle with sleep.

Sleep is one of the most vital natural experiences for health and well-being. Good sleep and rest come from an ability to let go, to surrender, to embrace the darkness and wake-up the next morning revitalized, ready to embrace the new day.

Our capitalistic society is not built for surrender and darkness. The emphasis on knowing, control, doing and achieving. This ability to release into sweet dream time, an experience so innocent and tender, is counter to our conditioning and our mental health is taking the toll. 

The sweet rhythm of nature and the almost imperceptible but familiar shift into autumn reminds me of the divine order and ever balancing rhythm of life, inviting me to allow myself to return to my own internal balance and cyclical rhythm. I invite you to tune back into your natural and sacred cycles, being reminded of the organic simplicity of being. 

Elani has been working as a life coach since 2012. She began working in this field after completing personal self-development and mindset work that helped her work through her own eating disorder and anxiety issues. When she found herself feeling incomplete with the mindset approach she began working with a yoga and Daoist mentor in New York City and was fascinated by the way our psychology mirrored our physiology and vice versa. Elani would later bring this training into her graduate thesis work and as well as her work with therapy clients. Around this same time, Elani also began working with a spiritual mentor and iridologist. This study led to the inclusion of meditation in both her personal and professional practice.

In 2016, Elani realized she had a great deal to learn about human psychology after witnessing a psychotic episode in a close family member. This experience caused her to seek out her own therapist and through that journey Elani chose to return to school for a masters. She completed her degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2021. Pacifica is a graduate school based in the depth psychological approach and this orientation informs Elani’s work with both therapy and coaching clients. She is currently working with individuals, families and couples in Colorado. You can read more about depth work and Elani by visiting her website at She also offers a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in the potential of working with her and you can book that using this link: