Affordable Counseling Program Internship Placements

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

The aim at People House is to represent the diverse Denver Metro area where we serve and operate. We want our clients to feel welcomed and honored in their identities- culturally and otherwise.


People House is aimed at supporting the human ability to find healing, truth, transformation, and peace through the practices of self-compassion, self-acceptance, and personal responsibility.

Our internship program is a clinical training program with an emphasis in applying theoretical knowledge gained from academic training to the real-world experience of working with a client directly.


Interns serve in the People House Affordable Counseling Program, our outpatient, psychotherapy practice, which serves a diverse population unable to afford regularly priced psychotherapy. Interns are supported in learning both the clinical and administrative aspects of successfully working with clients.


This is an ideal site for individuals who thrive in a supportive environment that also requires personal independence and team collaboration. It is best suited to mature candidates who eventually plan to do private practice, although that is not a requirement.


You are invited to apply for an unpaid, clinical internship placement with us if you are a Master’s level student in counseling, psychology or marriage and family therapy.

Internship Components - All the stuff you want to know

Application Process - How, when & where

We accept new interns three times per year – start dates are January 1, May 1 and September 1.

January Internship

Application Deadline - September 1

Interviews ongoing


To apply click here

References are not required.


May Internship
September Internship

After review of your application for suitability, it will be placed in a queue for personal interviews. If you are selected, you will be contacted to arrange an interview date and time. The interview will be conducted by the director of the program and will last 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will be notified one way or the other by the end of the Interview/Selection period.


If after reading this, you have a specific question, you may email  I’m sorry but we do not have time/staff available for in-depth discussions or tours, although you are welcome to drop by the building.  To learn more about People House consider attending an event at People House.


To Apply

Please fill out the Google Form and upload your resume

References not required


There are so many great things that contributed to my internship at People House so I’m happy so share with you! These are just a few:

  1.  The diversity of clients.  I feel like this was the best part, I literally got experience working with every population, addicts, the homeless, lost college students, you name it.  That diversity allowed me to get clear on the populations I work best with while also allowing me to understand the populations I do not work as well with.  I think that gave me a leg up from my other grad school friends who were inundated with one single population.  Although they may have become more of an “expert,” I learned to hone in on my therapy skills to work with just about anyone.
    2.  Supervision.  I felt completely supported the entire time at People House.  That gave me the confidence to try new things, ask the right questions and to learn how to find community, which has been invaluable in Private Practice, I am more able to seek support and to ask for help because I know what it feels like to get that feedback.
    3.  Permission to explore my own therapeutic style.  The freedom at PH allowed me to really learn what kind of therapist I am.  Since I did not have to adhere to one therapeutic model I was really challenged to figure out how I work with others in the way that best fits who I am.  That allowed me to discover my gifts without having to try and cater to one particular psychological theory.
    4.  I’m not sure how to word this, but I found pride in People House.  I still refer people there all the time.  The organization of People House was and is important for the community, and as an intern I learned first hand the need that People House is serving.  Therefore I still feel grateful for being part of such an awesome organization and feel happy to refer people there, because I know that individuals are bound to find the help they need with the breath of services offered by People House.  So it has become a staple in my psyche, which is helping others!

Interning at People House's Affordable Counseling Program has been a wonderful experience.  The diversity of clients has helped hone my clinical skills and provided excellent insight into how to structure my eventual private practice.  Additionally, the immense wisdom and unwavering compassion of the supervisors of the program really sets a tone of depth, growth, and support.  I look forward to all of our supervision times knowing I can explore personal and professional issues without fear of judgment.  I have also enjoyed getting to know fellow interns throughout the program, whom have been consistently outstanding individuals that I hope to stay connected with well into the future.  I couldn't have picked a better internship site!

The internship program at People House is truly unlike any other. It is the only internship site I know of that gives interns the professional training, supervision, and relevant experience needed to start a private practice. During my internship, I was able to work with a diverse population while honing in on my own unique therapeutic style. I am opening a private practice after graduation and I couldn’t feel any more prepared. The support and guidance I got at People House is what is making it all possible. I am able to be an entrepreneur while providing valuable mental health and wellness services to the Denver community. For me, it’s an absolute dream come true and I am grateful that this internship program exists. I have no doubt it will continue to help new counselors grow and thrive in profound and immeasurable ways for years to come.

The purpose of People House is to create a space and atmosphere where everyone is accepted for who and what they are at this moment...

and to enhance the possibilities of who and what they might become should they choose to expand their spiritual awareness.