Affordable Counseling Program Interns

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. ~Steve Maraboli

We hope all of you who want to improve your personal development, but may lack the financial resources for professional therapy, will consider taking advantage of this low cost counseling program, it will empower your life!


We believe that counseling should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. That is why we offer an Affordable Counseling Program, designed to serve those unable to afford full-priced psychotherapy. Our perspective is holistic, starting with the premise that the development and integration of mind, body, and spirit are necessary to become healthy, fulfilled and productive.

About the Counselors

The counseling interns who staff this program are master's level students or graduates acquiring experience for professional licensure with the State of Colorado. They are carefully selected based on life experience and personal development to ensure the highest quality for our clients. All of our interns are supervised by Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

About the fees

Counseling by People House interns is on a sliding scale of $20-$50 per hour or more depending on ability to pay. It is designed for those who make under $50,000/annually, serving individuals, couples, families, and children. We take life circumstances into account when looking at the annual household income.

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Meet our Affordable Counseling Interns


Dennis Adams


During difficult times it can be easy to find ourselves feeling stuck, hopeless, or lost. I believe that every person has the resiliency and capability to best understand themselves, their problems, and their journeys. My role as your therapist is that of a guide or companion through times of turmoil and reflection; I will help you better understand the origins and functions of what is impacting you and help you move through the difficult emotions and experiences which will create space for clarity, healing, and growth. I am honored to be a companion on your journey. 

Andy Archer

Affordable Counseling Program

I have a fundamental belief that a person’s mental health drives all other significant aspects of their life, including physical health, relationship quality, personal fulfillment, and other pillars of well-being. My approach to counseling prioritizes a focus on connection, curiosity, and authenticity.  Through my own mental health journey, I have learned that it can be hard to outthink problems and do it alone. That experience led me to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling degree at CU Denver.  I look forward to working alongside clients from all different life-stages, ages, backgrounds, and identities.


Sarah Bass


I believe in relationships. People are relational beings by nature with physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual mechanisms. The understanding of these mechanisms is essential for self-awareness and growth towards creating positive and healthy relationships within yourself and with others. I will work with you as a collaborative facilitator to offer empathetic and actionable support to foster a fulfilling life. I join clients in a respectful and empowering way where they can express and embrace who they are and maximize their potential.

Andrew Bryson (he/him)


As a counselor, my hope is to help reconnect clients with their innate, self-evident sense of well-being and resilience. Though there is debate about the best way to do this, it seems to me that almost all rivers lead to the ocean. Above any one approach to counseling, I value sincerity, caring, clarity, and humility in the counseling relationship. I hope that by embodying these things, I can hold a space where clients feel safe to uncover what wants to be found, and to take the steps that want to be taken.


Nina Carter Cohen

Affordable Counseling Intern

The journey of life can be challenging at times, with unexpected twists and turns that can throw us off course. Even if the changes are of our own choosing, they can sometimes be hard to navigate and we can find ourselves stuck. We all need a safe place to process our thoughts, feelings, and questions with someone who has “been there.” I have traveled the terrains of transition and change, grief and loss, spiritual crisis, childhood trauma, and more. Using creative approaches as well as traditional talk therapy—along with a bit of humor—I will partner with you to find your way forward again.


Annabelle Denmark

Affordable Counseling Intern

You carry within you the key to your own healing. My role in therapy is to guide you to honor the wisdom of your body, mind and spirit, and the gifts of your resilience in face of adversity. In the process of therapy, we will be exploring parts of yourself and your past that have been left in the dark but are impacting your present moment experience. I use a somatic approach that includes a multicultural and social justice lens and serves individuals from all walks of life.


Kelly Dohn


My approach to therapy is driven by my passion for collaborating with and encouraging others to lead fulfilling lives. I believe that sustainable and healthy connections are fundamental to overall wellness. I provide support, validation, and empathy to adults, couples, adolescents, and families as they navigate life’s obstacles. I use a humanistic, holistic, strengths-based approach to co-create an experience that feels authentic to my clients. I welcome all identities, backgrounds, and configurations.

Elise Fabricant


Within a relationship built on compassion, respect, and curiosity, I’ll work closely with you to identify what’s holding you back and help you move forward. Together, we’ll find meaningful solutions that make life, work, and relationships more rewarding. I have a warm, active, and genuine style. I am currently a Master’s candidate at UNC and have a background in holistic wellness. My specialties include anxiety, depression, and relationship/communication issues, and have a strong interest in working with women on self-esteem and authentic self-expression. My ultimate goal is to inspire, guide and empower you to live a more joyful life.

Joey Fischer

Affordable Counseling Program

We live in a culture that can cause us to feel out of alignment with our true selves. I view therapy as a way to heal the trauma of our systems of oppression, our family systems, and our social conditioning and begin living in our full authenticity. My approach is intuitive and non-judgmental, and my goal as a therapist is to guide you toward greater awareness of yourself and your experience, helping you access your inner wisdom. I draw from Gestalt, mindfulness, and transpersonal modalities and have special interest in working with complex trauma, shadow integration, spirituality, and sexuality.


Nicole Jefferson

Affordable Counseling Intern

My most important long-term relationship has been with the great outdoors, and my first therapist was Mother Nature. The outdoors is a space I’ve used numerous times to heal myself. I am in my final semester at Prescott College’s MA in Counseling program, where I’ve focused on Somatic and Nature-Based therapy. I have used my time in the program to align the things that make my heartbeat: people, nature, and the power of self-development. I believe the outdoors is a powerful resource in helping us feel grounded and at peace; when we are immersed within all that Mother Nature has to offer. My approach is holistic, mindful-based, and person-centered. I welcomed all identities and have worked closely with adolescents, adolescents experiencing houselessness, and LGBTQ+ populations.


Zachary Nathaniel Gart

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hi, I’m Zach and I’m here to support you in navigating this wild journey. Whatever you might be seeking right now, I’ll walk with you as we explore aliveness, connection and ease in being. I hold the belief that awareness and relationship with self are major factors in healing. I offer warmth, safety and presence in
my relational approach to therapy and hold experience in somatic/body-based approaches, Gestalt Therapy, NARM (Developmental Trauma) and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I am grateful to spend time with clients from all walks of life and warmly welcome all of you to be here. Excited to meet you!


Jodi Koops


We all need some who will bear witness to the pain, sorrow, joy, and hope of our life journey. Through my gifts of presence, empathy, and curiosity I strive to help clients gain a greater understanding of their authentic self. Recognition of our past experiences shape who we are as we look forward to who we are becoming. Through my own counseling I have grown in awareness, peace, and understanding that has been transformational in my life. It is my passion to share that with others. I truly believe counseling can be a rewarding journey for anyone.


Stephanie León


We all face challenges in our lives that we are tasked with overcoming. As your counselor, I am here to help light the way as you find your path toward healing and growth. My goal in therapy is to provide a supportive environment that fosters resiliency and self-compassion. I utilize an integrative and holistic approach that prioritizes seeing the whole person, not just your problems. I strive to provide a welcoming space for all ages, identities, and issues. You are the expert of your own life, and I am honored to walk alongside you.

Judith Mandel (she/her)


 I believe that you are the expert in your life and relationships and I am here to highlight that. I will listen and guide you towards what feels most important and healing in a given moment. This will likely change over time and I look forward to this fluid and evolving journey.  As we explore your story together, I will bring compassion, curiosity, respect, and encourage a laugh or two along the way.

I have a keen interest in couples and gender-related topics, including but not limited to perinatal mental health and welcome all identities and backgrounds.

Sakina Mohamed Ali


We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. We hold different beliefs and values that make up our unique stories. However, that story might define us for a time, and hold us back from thriving. As an immigrant, Black woman living in America it is important for me to bring a multicultural lens into my therapy sessions. My role in our sessions is to use that lens to support you in writing the next chapter of your story as a more resilient, confident and self-aware individual.

Julia Nord, M. Ed. (she/her/hers)


Life can be messy. We have many roles, responsibilities, and experiences that can overwhelm us, affecting our well-being in unhealthy ways. As your counselor, it will be my job to provide a space for you to explore your story to expose meaning, shift perspective, and instill hope in a collaborative and holistic way. I look forward to working with clients from all ages with diverse backgrounds and various needs. Throughout my graduate schooling, I focused on experiential therapies (art therapy, play therapy, sand tray), multicultural/feminist therapies, somatic experiencing/mindfulness, and addressing the needs of the LGBTQ+ and disordered eating communities.

Kim Miñoso Smith (she/her/hers/ella)

Affordable Counseling Intern

Mi gente, ¡bienvenidos! Aquí puedes platicar en español,eh-spanglish, o inglés. Cuando trabajas conmigo, vas a ver cómo escucho con curiosidad, amor, y fuerza. Aquí puedes dejar tus armaduras emocionales para descubrir quién eres y cómo quieres manifestar tu potencial.

Ready to heal old wounds and open to the expansiveness of your essence? With fullness of heart, deep listening, and a fierce desire to bear witness to your truth, I will accompany you by sharing a sacred healing space where every part of you is welcome. Liberation awaits.


Robbie Watterson


My call to action for my community is to help people create a place of safety within themselves and their environment through living a balanced lifestyle, confronting patterns that no longer serve them, and strengthening their connection to nature. We have been modeled in society to do instead of be and this constant action has pulled us away from feeling into our bodies and accessing our heart space or vulnerability. It is my passion to guide others towards their innate intelligence and help them feel safe again in their body. A great way to begin is by working in nature, a trusted and reliable source of intelligence that gives people a safe place to feel free and expansive. I am finishing up my last semester at Naropa University studying Wilderness Therapy and love to include the elements and nature themes in all my sessions including those I meet with virtually. 

Katie Zeman (she/her/ella)

Affordable Counseling Intern

Healing is a warrior’s journey; requiring willingness to work with everything as it arises – pain and joy, dark and light. As a passing White woman with Mexican, Aztec, and Czechoslovakian roots, I feel strongly that well-being is heavily influenced by a person’s experiences, shaped through their relationship to personal identity and social context. I recognize the basic goodness inherent in every human being. Using
compassion and mindfulness, my approach helps clients be with their experiences, allowing for shifts in awareness and perspective, leading to wholeness and embodiment. I hope to be a guiding light on your path to liberation.


Affordable Counseling Program

Psychotherapy (Counseling)   – $50 CPT 90837-60 minute session

However, please inquire about our sliding fee scale, we offer sessions from $20-50. 


If you are covered by health insurance, you are encouraged to consult with your health insurer to determine if it is to your benefit to find a provider that takes your insurance and what your financial responsibility would be for that particular health care service provided by that health care facility or practitioner.  If you are not covered by health insurance, you are strongly encouraged to contact us at 303-480-5130 to discuss payment options prior to receiving services from us,  since the above posted health care prices may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility, since we offer a sliding scale.

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