Affordable Counseling Program Interns

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. ~Steve Maraboli

We hope all of you who want to improve your personal development, but may lack the financial resources for professional therapy, will consider taking advantage of this low cost counseling program, it will empower your life!


We believe that counseling should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. That is why we offer an Affordable Counseling Program, designed to serve those unable to afford full-priced psychotherapy. Our perspective is holistic, starting with the premise that the development and integration of mind, body, and spirit are necessary to become healthy, fulfilled and productive.

About the Counselors

The counseling interns who staff this program are master's level students or graduates acquiring experience for professional licensure with the State of Colorado. They are carefully selected based on life experience and personal development to ensure the highest quality for our clients. All of our interns are supervised by Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

About the fees

Counseling by People House interns is on a sliding scale of $25-$65 per hour or more, depending on the ability to pay. It is designed for those who make under $65,000/annually, serving individuals, couples, families, and children. We take life circumstances into account when looking at the annual household income.

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Meet our Affordable Counseling Interns


Samantha Alvarez-Mahabir Betz

Affordable Counseling Intern

‪My compassionate and collaborative approach to the therapeutic process honors each unique mind, body and spirit. As a Caribbean American Latina, I value understanding the ways each person’s intersecting identities and experiences are connected to their sense of well-being. I warmly welcome individuals, couples and families with all identities and I have worked closely with neurodiverse children and adolescents.


Cleopatra Batiste Wilson

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hi, I’m Cleo! Talking is only sometimes the answer. Other times, you need someone to breathe with, sit with, or shout out loud with. I believe in radical self-acceptance. You are allowed to feel deeply and intensely about any and everything. We all are learning how to master our own minds, so let’s explore some creative approaches together. I have over 5 years of experience helping adults and youth in crisis, people with severe needs, and those seeking to improve their relationships with themselves and others. I love being a part of the healing journey. Most importantly, you are safe, you are welcome, and you are invited.

Roy Burns

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hello, I am Roy! The therapeutic relationship is becoming an important pillar in our lives. The challenges we face daily are ever increasing without end in sight. The willingness to ask for support is monumental in the process of self-healing. My approach with client’s concerns is collaborative, strength-based, culturally attuned, intuitive, and somatic. The body remembers our entire experience, to include our parent’s and theirs. By incorporating movement, breathing, and sound during sessions clients can reveal deeper meaning and experience self-exploration. I believe therapy is a form of self-advocacy, an important pillar to experiencing healing, self-actualization, and wholeness.  I look forward to joining you on your journey one step at a time.


Elle Cornell

Affordable Counseling Intern

I believe my calling in life is to serve others. I provide counseling in a caring, thoughtful, and open-minded perspective. I believe we all need grace, patience, and self-awareness to work through our obstacles.  Our state of mind and overall mental health is just as important as our physical health. With all the surprises life can give us, maintaining emotional health is essential to our well-being. My approach is to meet you where you are today and work through whatever obstacles or challenges you are facing. I do this by getting to know you in a supportive therapeutic environment. Through open communication we can work together towards goals and personal growth.


Sara Cortese

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hello! I’m Sara. Everyone deserves a place to process the difficulties that life throws at you; I’m here to meet you with vulnerability and support for whatever you need help with. As a documentary filmmaker in my last career, I believe in the power of the stories that we hold about ourselves; and as a therapist, I believe in the power of examining and rewriting those stories to make ourselves feel more whole, valued, and loved. I work with individuals, couples, and families using an emotionally-focused approach with a multicultural, social justice lens.


Kevin Culver

Affordable Counseling Intern

Life is hard and unpredictable. As a practitioner, I know there can be seasons of suffering, where strong emotions, difficult thoughts, and hard choices present themselves. My goal as a counselor is to meet you wherever you are and walk with you as you process and reflect on your experience. Through our work together, my hope is that you will learn to relate to your pain and suffering in new and more meaningful ways, giving you the ability to live your life with greater freedom and presence.

Liz Delaney

Affordable Counseling Intern

My approach to therapy is guided by my love and passion for creativity and connection. Together we will co-author narratives that highlight your strengths and focus on solutions. I work with individuals, couples, and families to cultivate and grow relationships. I provide support to clients of all ages with diverse backgrounds and identities. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Shana Delwiche

Affordable Counseling Intern

Wherever you are, I will be there with you, walking beside you, on your journey of personal evolution. You are welcome exactly as you are, today and every day. At the core of the therapeutic process will be our relationship, a refuge from the noise of the world and chaos of the mind, where you will experience the warmth and safety of genuine compassion and acceptance.Together we will explore what you desire for your life and how best to help you get there.I look forward to accompanying you on your path to a more enjoyable life.


Tristan Dubovich

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hello! I’m TJ and I work with individuals, couples, and families. I’m committed to exploring your concerns in a safe and inclusive space. I take a collaborative approach, believing individuals have the strength and resilience to find solutions that serve them. I will support you through the therapeutic process and encourage connection to find peace, wellness, and insight. I have experience and passion for working with the LGBTQIA+ community and the geriatric population. My goal is to meet each client as a unique individual, and welcome folks from all walks of life to begin this journey.


Clare Durepos

Affordable Counseling Intern

Clare (she/her/hers) is pursuing a master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy at the University of Colorado-Denver. She is skilled at working with individuals, couples, families, and other relationship types. She invites clients to grow in authenticity and self-acceptance, and she regards each client as the expert in their own life. Her integrative approach to therapy is supported by her mindfulness practice. She seeks to create a calm and nourishing environment for therapy. Please reach out for help regarding relationship issues, life transitions, existential challenges, and identity exploration.

Kate Fox

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hello! I’m Kate. Every stage of life has its unique challenges. Maybe it’s a new challenge you were not prepared for, or perhaps it’s something from your past that still needs to be addressed. I am here to help you find your way on your unique journey. As a therapist, I will meet you where you’re at with compassion and insight. My approach is client-centered and holistic. I enjoy working with adults of all ages, backgrounds, and identities. Together, we will collaborate to develop the tools you need to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Laura Fry

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hello, I’m Laura. My goal as a counselor is to provide a comfortable and safe environment in which to explore your emotions and life experiences.   I believe that the therapeutic process involves a strong mind-body connection, therefore I like to incorporate mindfulness into the sessions. I use a variety of therapeutic tools and strategies to nurture a creative and supportive relationship with clients.  I strive to meet my clients where they are in life and have an open-minded approach. I welcome folks from all walks of life to work with me on this healing journey.

Phone:(720) 583-4982‬

Amy Hoch

Affordable Counseling Intern

Let’s face it, life is frankly weird and difficult sometimes! We were just dropped into this life with no real guidebooks and it can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming to navigate! My goal as a therapist is to provide a space of warmth and openness in order to work collaboratively to help you create the life you want for yourself. Along with being a therapist I am a ceramic artist, dancer, and love to be outdoors. Although often therapy must address heavy topics, I also like to invite in an atmosphere of playfulness, humor, and focus on strengths within session.

Clare Kerr

Affordable Counseling Intern

Hello! I’m Clare. Every individual deserves a safe space to explore their emotions and feel heard, understood, and accepted in the process. Being a human comes with many challenges that can be a lot to manage on our own. I am here to support, guide, and walk with you in those challenges. My passion in life is to help individuals overcome and navigate life’s difficulties. I approach therapy through a person-centered lens and believe that all humans have the ability to increase self-understanding, self-concept, and beliefs about who they are.  I hope to foster empowerment, wholeness, and growth to take with you in this journey of life.  

Sydney Leto

Affordable Counseling Intern

Through committing to a journey of healing and growth, I believe that we can expand our capacities to be in relationship with others and the natural world around us. My relational approach to counseling draws from my training in yoga, meditation, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, and years spent outside working as a hiking guide and farmer. 

I feel particularly passionate about connecting with teens, couples and young adults, as well as people who are navigating the lasting impacts of a traumatic brain injury. I also welcome working with bilingual Spanish speakers. Mi propio nivel de español es intermedio. 

I have found that the therapeutic relationship can serve as a potent tool for transformation, and welcome all of You into our sessions with compassion, curiosity and a playful spirit.

April Maple

Affordable Counseling Intern

I received my Bachelors and Masters in Music, and currently pursuing a Masters in Somatic Dance/Movement Therapy at Naropa University. As a queer first generation Chinese American, I discovered my body and breath through music, improvisation, creativity, art, and performance. I am interested in the spectrum between binaries and finding ways we can choose our boxes and step outside of it. I hold multiple dichotomous truths, and have a person centered, somatic, and social justice orientation. I desire to create safer spaces for marginalized folx, and aid in the movement of decolonization in therapy and within myself.

Phone:(720) 443-1627‬

Lisa Martinez

Affordable Counseling Intern

In my own life challenges, I have explored the interconnection of the mind, body and spirit. My struggles through the traumatic loss of my son have inspired me to walk alongside others who need empathy and hope on their path. As a mother of six children, yoga and wellness professional and Master’s candidate in clinical mental health counseling, I have gathered wisdom from life experience, somatic and mindfulness traditions, and trauma-informed counseling techniques. Using a person-centered and mindful approach, my passion is to help bereaved parents as well as others coping with the effects of trauma, grief and loss. I hope to inspire you to move through life to find joy, beauty and wholeness in the simple moments.


Paige O’Hagan

Affordable Counseling Intern

Humans are resilient and dynamic beings, capable of great healing and recovery. I believe the individual is the expert in their own life and my role is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to collaborate and explore oneself, past and present. Every person deserves to be seen, heard, and met where they are in the counseling space. My approach is holistic and client-centered with a multicultural and social justice-oriented lens, leaving room for eclecticism and to tailor the clinical approach to the needs of the individual. I would be honored to work alongside you in this journey.


Jodie Smith

Affordable Counseling Intern

Healing occurs when we are in meaningful contact with others, and finding connection to self, to others, and to place provides a starting point to shift perspectives and loosen the grip of “stuckness.” Together we’ll work to remember innate wisdom and a deep sense of knowing when the hamster wheel of life becomes too much to bear. I look to the rhythm of nature all around for inspiration and as an anchor when working with clients and in my own life.


Kendall Yasui

Affordable Counseling Intern

Many of us go through life without being fully seen, heard, or accepted as we are. I intend to create a space where clients do not need to hide, over explain, or justify themselves in order to receive compassion and support. My approach acknowledges the impacts of trauma, oppression, and social conditioning on our well-being. I also enjoy using somatic techniques to help us work with our bodies, not against them. Above all, I aim to be collaborative, open-minded, and honor both your strengths and challenges, as defined by you.

As a former college-athlete, I have special interest in connecting with athletes as I understand the complexities of managing mental health in a high performance lifestyle.

Affordable Counseling Program

Psychotherapy (Counseling) $25  – $65 for a 50 minute session

However, please inquire about our sliding fee scale, we offer sessions from $25-65. 


If you are covered by health insurance, you are encouraged to consult with your health insurer to determine if it is to your benefit to find a provider that takes your insurance and what your financial responsibility would be for that particular health care service provided by that health care facility or practitioner.  If you are not covered by health insurance, you are strongly encouraged to contact us at 303-480-5130 to discuss payment options prior to receiving services from us,  since the above posted health care prices may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility, since we offer a sliding scale.

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