Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. ~Kathy Calvin


The Why

We are a non-profit Spiritual organization that believes Mental Health Care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of socio-economic status. We do this by providing an Affordable Counseling Program and overseeing a quality training program for graduate students in the mental health field. We also provide the opportunity for like-minded holistic and mental health professionals to create their own private practices or conduct workshops and groups in our collaborative community.


Our Affordable Counseling Program was founded in 1999 to serve the working poor. Quality mental health care is often not accessible to those who are un or under insured. Our program is for individuals, couples and families that make under $65,000/year. Our fee structure is on a sliding scale between $25-$65. Many people still struggle to meet this minimum in those circumstances we do offer a scholarship to help subsidize some of the fee.


We operate in a Victorian house built in 1890. We believe that our house is a welcoming and comforting  place for clients seeking support from us. Needless to say a more than a century old house requires a bit of upkeep.


Our 17 intern counselors help over 700+ clients a year get accessible mental health care services. This program has 9 volunteer supervisors. We provide these supervisors with some professional development as a thank you for what they do and we would love to continue this for them.


In order for us to provide the amazing services above your support is vital. Please see the different donations options below.


"The affordable counseling at People House made a service available for me that otherwise I could not likely be able to afford. I have been working with one counselor so far, and overall it is a very positive experience. I have never done counseling before, so I did not really know what to expect. However, with the counselors help I could start to develop new personal traits that I needed to play a more responsible role in my life. This therapy is empowering, and it is something that I would suggest to any of my friends or family members."

ACP Client

"If it were not for People House and the incredible counselor I have received, I do not know what path my life would currently be on. I originally wanted to seek out counseling for relationship issues and life transition work and it has now molded into this cathartic and healing process that I look forward to every week. The weekly epiphanies and safe space to share my thoughts have provided an area of comfort to my life that I did not know could be possible. The things I am learning about my mental health and boundaries are making me a better person and I could not be more grateful."

ACP Client

"People House was an invaluable support for me when I needed it most. When I reached out for help, I was quickly contacted by a caring therapist and I am now on my healing journey. They made therapy accessible to me when I was unable to afford it. I am extremely grateful to People House for their Affordable Counseling Program."

ACP Client

14-year-old Laney and her mom Britt starting working with a counselor in the People House Affordable Counseling Program when Laney’s unaddressed depression starting having a major negative impact on her home and school life. Connecting with a People House counselor allowed Laney to start healing and Britt tells us, “I have seen a positive change in my daughter. It's so nice to have my baby girl back! She came in troubled, stealing, always crying, lying, argumentative... Now my bright, loving daughter is back! She is a joy to be around. I could go on! Thank you for bringing her out of her cocoon!”

ACP Client

The purpose of People House is to create a space and atmosphere where everyone is accepted for who and what they are at this moment...

and to enhance the possibilities of who and what they might become should they choose to expand their spiritual awareness.