Our Team

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for one another.

Veronica Dieda

Executive Director

“Change is growth for the soul; at least this is how I have felt the last few years. Having lived  singularly focused on my job, I decided that life was in motion but I was not, and I was the only one who could correct this.  This is the truth that brought me to Colorado, allowed me to meet my now husband, re-enter academia and grow as a person.  I have embraced Colorado as my home and enjoy discovering its beauty with my golden retriever, Tanner.  My passion for travel has been greatly ignited since meeting my husband and I have been very blessed to see some amazing places. (Tanner usually has to stay behind because he gets motion sickness).  In the future I hope to continue seeing the world and embracing changes as they happen.”



Samantha Oberhausen

Administrative Assistant

I came to People House because it felt like a place where my work would be in service of something meaningful. After working in childcare for several years, I wanted a new challenge that would still allow me to help serve my community. I grew up in Denver and after attending Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, I returned to Colorado. I enjoy spending time with my friends and boyfriend. Some of our hobbies include bowling, hiking, and paddle boarding. We have a cat named Pokey who is almost as grumpy as she is fluffy. I am so glad to have found a new home at People House and I look forward to my future here.

Kayla Morales

Administrative Assistant

Helping others in the community and holding mental health in such high regard are both things that I have always been passionate about, which is why I am so excited to work for People House! I am originally from Texas and moved to the beautiful state of Colorado a little over 2 years ago with my dog Khloe and whatever I could fit in my small car. The last couple of years have truly been an adventure to say the least! I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Psychology at TAMUCC, and will be going back to school to obtain my Master’s in Counseling. When I’m not working I love to read, travel, watch movies, and spend time with my partner. I couldn’t be more excited to learn and grow both as an individual and within my role at People House.




The purpose of People House is to create a space and atmosphere where everyone is accepted for who and what they are at this moment...

and to enhance the possibilities of who and what they might become should they choose to expand their spiritual awareness.