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On the Edge of Creation – Lydia Taft

Today I am very aware that I am being led.  Everything is changing around me and I see that I am being moved.  I’m on a journey and I’m heading somewhere.  Spirit calls me forward.  I know this, because when life gets this messy, no one but Spirit can possibly be in charge.  But, I am both the pawn and the player in this life.

It’s all a matter of my perspective.  Sometimes I am dragged forward kicking and screaming, resistant to letting go of my limitations and beliefs about how life ought to be.  Other times, I jump right on board, trusting that I am loved and that Spirit always guides me toward my own greatest good.  Sometimes when things feel at rest I find myself asking: Now where am I? Who am I? What am I meant to do with what’s in front of me?

Just watch it unfold, Spirit will answer.  Don’t stand in judgment of it, don’t over analyze it.  Look for the fun in it.  Find the beauty of Creation’s hand in it.  Peer around the corner and expand into your newest you.  Expect that it’s going to be great.  This is a fast moving ride. So jump on board and prepare to have fun.


Ride to the leading edge of creation and thrill at the unknowing of it all.  Use your mind as the tool that you have been given, to think of the possibility that is in front of you.  Use all of your senses to experience the pure joy of life.  Focus in on the energy of creation and flow with transformation into the next greatest being you desire – your highest Self.

Remember this: life is a journey and it is meant to be fun.  It is active and dynamic and expansive.  It always, in all ways, leads to the next greatest thing and next greatest thing.  And all you have to do is take the ride. Hang your head out the window and let the wind hit your face.  Savor the sights, inhale the zest, taste and thrill in your freedom to experience.  Howl in the pure ecstasy and pleasure of it, all the while expanding into the unknown and becoming your greatest Self ever.

There is no end to this journey.  You are always on the edge of creation.

Warrior’s Way LLC: Resistance is Futile – Glenn Bott

Remember these famous words from Star Trek the Next Generation?  This was the opening line from the focused and persistent Borg.  This same line applies to us in everyday life.


I submit that our natural state is one of joy, connectedness, love, and appreciation.  All the good stuff.  If we aren’t experiencing this then we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Many of us in the Western World were taught from a young age that if we want to make something of ourselves then we need to get out there and work hard.  Fight for it if necessary.

I have personally found this to be an outdated and very limited belief.  The Universe has our back.  Spirit is within us.  The Universe is lining up the coincidences, phone calls, and meetings to bring forth all the good you want.  If it’s slow in coming, your resistance is the culprit.

A major sign that you’re resisting what life has to offer is that you stop flowing and life becomes very difficult, stressful, and burdensome.  Not to mention you don’t feel happy.  When it gets to this point, it means you missed some of the messages along the way.  This is a sign to pay attention to the signs/messages the Universe is sending you.  Start to listen, be aware, ask for help.  Give intention for your life to be easy and effortless.

When you’re in the awareness mode, it’s much easier to pay attention and respond to these supportive messages when they’re presented.  Like our good friend Dorothy suggests – “follow the yellow brick road”.  It’s your choice – make it easy and fun, or make it slow and difficult.  We typically respond between these two extremes depending on the situation and our awareness.

After a dose of self-reflection, many come to the conclusion that their earlier upbringing/programming is the reason for their self-inflicted pain.  This is what they were taught.  It’s “the way it is”.  Whenever you hear these words from someone it’s a sure sign they haven’t spent the necessary time to analyze why their life isn’t working.  They blame it all on random events and their bad luck.

I don’t accept this premise – the Universe it too loving and orderly to believe in random events.  If you believe this way, it reduces you to a powerless being whose life and events are based on luck and good fortune.  This is the lazy and powerless way to think and live.  The victim attitude has never gotten anyone anywhere – except poor, sick, sad, and blameful.


There’s no time to wallow in self-pity and feelings of inadequacy.  There’s an entire universe to explore, untold discoveries to find, and adventures of a lifetime.

Get to it!!

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