Finding Inspiration || By Samantha Camerino (she/her), LCSW

Have you ever sat down to really consider who or what inspires you? I find this to be one of those things we all assume we know, but when forced to think about it, we might realize that surprisingly the answers don’t arrive so quickly. As we enter the new year, I’ve been pondering this question, hoping it will help me realign with my values, and encourage me to stay focused on personal goals in the coming year. My hope is that I can remain focused on my purpose and maintain motivation by staying connected to that which inspires me.

So, are you thinking of what inspires you yet? Perhaps your inspiration comes from a person or a place, a story, or a piece of art. Sometimes memories can inspire us, or our faith, or our community. I have personally always found traveling to be inspiring – new cultures, new languages, new foods and new people. Finding a way to connect with others who come from different backgrounds, cultures, continents, etc., connects us to our shared humanness, and inspires me to maintain an open heart, an open mind, and open eyes. We can find purpose and meaning in human connections, no matter how brief these shared moments of inspiration may be.

If we stay open to the idea that inspiration can be found all around us, we’ll find it; however, we must be open to this possibility and believe it’s there.

I guess that’s the case with most things: if that’s the story you’re going with, then that’s the story that will unfold. If I choose to see the inspiration in even some of my most simple daily interactions, I will stay connected to inspiration, and in turn (hopefully!) stay motivated.

Perhaps one way to help us remain connected to the inspiration that’s all around us, is to be an inspiration for others. When we demonstrate to others empathy and kindness, when we practice gratitude and offer a positive outlook, we give others and ourselves the gift of connectivity, inspiration, and compassion. Inspiring traits pertain to themes of self-confidence and awareness and focus on uplifting and supporting one another. Sometimes it can be difficult to feel confident, but if we take the focus away from the chaos in our minds, and put effort towards being a light for others, our personal narratives will be redirected to reflect our capabilities and dreams, rather than fears and worries.

Inspire others, and in turn inspire yourself.

I encourage you to take some time today, as you move about doing your errands and chores, to identify small moments of inspiration, and to find space for you to practice the art of inspiring others. This doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, but rather consider how you may leave others you encounter today feeling a bit more uplifted and/or appreciated. Consider small acts of kindness others might do for you that help inspire you to be your best self. It may be difficult to identify resolutions or goals for the new year, so it might make more sense to focus on how you want to feel as we move forward, and what impression you wish to leave on others. In doing so, you allow your values to lead – and your values will always take you safely to where you need to go.

Samantha Camerino (she/her) is the owner of Nomad Therapy Services. She uses a “Person in Environment” approach, addressing not just the individual, but also exploring the environmental, societal and historical components that may be impacting self-growth. She has nearly a decade of experience working with persons struggling with an array of challenges such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, trauma, et. al. Currently, Samantha conducts sessions in the office or online, and she also encourages ‘walk & talks’ and meeting in outdoor settings. If you are interested in learning more about the Nomad approach, visit her website at or email her at