Affordable Counseling Programs

This program is intended for clients who have a need for counseling services but lack the resources for full-priced psychotherapy. Counseling by People House interns is on a sliding scale basis at a suggested cost of $20 to $50 per hour depending on ability to pay. We request that clients choose the appropriate fee based on income and life circumstances.Affordable Counseling Program for Adults, Couples, Children and Families. Our low cost counseling is a great opportunity for personal growth and with the fee being on a sliding scale it allows therapy for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Private Practitioners

People House is pleased to offer an excellent team of psychotherapists, counselors and facilitators that provide individual sessions for the purpose of healing and personal and/or spiritual growth. Our practitioners use a holistic approach that acknowledges all aspects of the self – mind, body, and spirit to create deep and lasting change in your life. An array of conventional and alternative modalities is available with specialized experience and expertise in dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic fear, eating disorders, somatic illness, parenting, and life path support. Sessions are scheduled directly with each counselor Professional Individual and Relationship Counseling.


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