Pamela Peters MFTC, MAMFT, MA

Detailed Information

Are you and your partner(s) either constantly fighting or avoiding each other? Do you and your teen or young adult child get into power struggles? Do you want to try polyamory, yet feel jealousy and resentment? Perhaps you’ve had an intense psychedelic journey that you can’t stop thinking about and you just don’t know what it all means.

Maybe you even think a couple and family therapist won’t “get” your issues because they are “too traditional.”

I am a different kind of therapist and I hold space for anyone who wants to rethink living life on autopilot. Let’s banish the patterns that no longer serve you or your relationships. I can help you courageously question the way things have always been done so you can have the relationships you’ve always wanted, including polyamory or ethical non-monogamy.

I also work with psychedelic explorers who are experiencing amazing and sometimes frightening or confusing transformations from these journeys. If you are seeking an open-minded therapist who can help you process and integrate these beautiful lessons, please reach out.

Price Range
$130.00 to $150.00