Marielle Grenade-Willis MA, LPCC

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Are you a creative perfectionist? Do you feel deeply and empathetically but struggle with burnout? Our fast paced and media filled world can feel catastrophic and overwhelming most days. It can be hard to believe you’re making an impact or that your voice matters when there are so many competing demands on your attention, energy, and time. Therapy can offer a space where your authentic, creative, and unfiltered self can emerge.

As a counselor for caretakers, changemakers, and creatives, I can help you to remember your impact while nurturing your spirit. As a creatrix, I know intimately how life can make you and your ideas feel small at times. Together, we’ll use expressive, interpersonal, playful, and somatic techniques to help you heal.

ADHD, Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, High Sensitivity, Perfectionism

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