People House…empowering people for 40 years!

People House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Colorado corporation.20140812_104425

Mission Statement

People House provides opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a safe and supportive community.


People House is a non-profit, non-religious spiritual organization dedicated to fostering conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit in individuals, families and groups through fellowship, education, facilitation and leadership training.

People House has a successful 40 year  history of responding to the community’s need for personal and spiritual growth and emotional healing. We serve people who are in crisis, life transition and/or who are motivated to develop themselves physically, psychologically, and spiritually. We offer affordable counseling on a sliding scale. Therapy should be something accessible to everyone regardless of income level. That is why we strive to offer low cost high quality counseling.

Unique Aspects of People House


People House: a Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth