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“We are not human beings seeking to be spiritual, but spiritual beings seeking to be human.”  Teihard de Chardin

Ted-LothammerTed Lothammer, co-founder of People House, is responsible for the rich spiritual atmosphere at People House. He was a visionary and maybe a mystic. In his youth he had a vision in which he was instructed to create a church. It took a few years, but he did exactly that. First with All One Community Church, and then in 1990, we changed People House’s 501 C3 classification to “Church”. At the same time, with the help of ministers, rabbis and other spiritual leaders, we created our Ministerial Program, with a two-year path to become an ordained People House Minister. Ted was deeply spiritual and it was an essential element of everything he taught and everything he did. He was a minister himself and few know of the countless numbers of times he selflessly helped people in need. All of those who are served by People House owe Ted a debt of gratitude. To this day, the good works of ordained People House Ministers follow Ted’s model and enrich not only Denver but in other communities around the country.

Ted Lothammer, 1927 – 2003


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SPIRITUAL-&-MINISTERIAL-SERNon-sectarian ministers trained and ordained at People House provide a wide variety of spiritual and ceremonial series, including counseling, weddings, baptisms, memorials, meditation, and discussion groups.

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