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“We are not human beings seeking to be spiritual, but spiritual beings seeking to be human.”  Teihard de Chardin


Ted Lothammer, 1927 – 2003

Ted Lothammer, co-founder of People House, is responsible for the rich spiritual atmosphere at People House. He was a visionary and maybe a mystic. In his youth he had a vision in which he was instructed to create a church. It took a few years, but he did exactly that. First with All One Community Church, and then in 1990, we changed People House’s 501 C3 classification to “Church”. At the same time, with the help of ministers, rabbis and other spiritual leaders, we created our Ministerial Program, with a two-year path to become an ordained People House Minister. Ted was deeply spiritual and it was an essential element of everything he taught and everything he did. He was a minister himself and few know of the countless numbers of times he selflessly helped people in need. All of those who are served by People House owe Ted a debt of gratitude. To this day, the good works of ordained People House Ministers follow Ted’s model and enrich not only Denver but in other communities around the country.

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SPIRITUAL-&-MINISTERIAL-SERNon-sectarian ministers trained and ordained at People House provide a wide variety of spiritual and ceremonial series, including counseling, weddings, baptisms, memorials, meditation, and discussion groups.

Spiritual Facilitation

As part of our founding philosophies as a ministry, People House offers spiritual facilitation. Our trained ministers are available to offer individual spiritual companionship in order to cultivate spiritual growth, depth, and vitality in our community.


What is spiritual facilitation?

Spiritual facilitation is the millennia-old practice of partnering with another in order to navigate one’s spiritual journey or relationship with the divine. At People House we believe that spirituality is innate in every human being, and our facilitators seek to cultivate this innate spirituality in each individual with whom they meet. Our trained, non-sectarian ministers serve as attendants to the process of spiritual discovery in all those seeking support for their inner journey. Through counseling-style interaction facilitators create a space within which you may openly, honestly, and safely explore, process, and deepen all parts of your personal spiritual journey in a judgment-free, agenda-free space.


Why receive spiritual facilitation?

Working with a spiritual facilitator can help you focus on your inner beliefs and bring your ideas about spirituality to the surface. They can help you implement new spiritual practices that allow your soul to blossom and keep you connected to your divine inner wisdom.



Many people experiences these results from spiritual facilitation:

  • a sense of being heard and understood
  • a sense of being part of something larger than youself
  • enhanced/expanded understanding of spiritual experience

* more confidence in life transitions

  • greater resiliency
  • ability to apply spiritual practice to everyday life
  • appreciation of multiple spiritual viewpoints/practices
  • improved interpersonal and communication skills
  • reduced stress
  • increased participation in community
  • many others….


Does it cost anything?

Spiritual facilitation is available at a sliding scale rate. We are happy to negotiate an appropriate rate for you based on income and life circumstances.


How do I get started?

Contact People House at (303) 480-5130 or info@peoplehouse.org, and we will be happy to partner you with a spiritual facilitator who will best meet your personal needs.


Meet our Spiritual Facilitators

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For workshops and Groups centered around spirituality see our “Spiritual Growth” section in our calendar.


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