2017 Annual Report

Our community is unique. Here you will find people who sincerely enjoy diverse opinions and who truly listen. We aspire to always speak from our own experience and refrain from telling others what their truth should be. This process of inquiry and learning has been our foundation for over 40 years.

People House’s unique community has evolved into a vibrant center for personal and spiritual growth offering a variety of modalities dedicated to fostering mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health through counseling, group support, and education. We are extremely appreciative of the professionals offering services here because it not only contributes to the richness of service at People House

We uphold a philosophy of care that recognizes the mind/body/spirit connection and strive to create a safe space where everyone is accepted and encouraged to be wholly authentic. We advocate for living a life of conscious responsibility, while acknowledging that we are each constantly progressing along the path and will all need help somewhere along the way.

We offer;

Affordable Counseling Program – Provides professional counseling for all who are empowered to better their lives, with services offered on an income-based sliding scale, in both Denver and Aurora.

Ministerial Program – Providing a nonsectarian spiritual community that fosters the
journey of personal discovery and authentic fulfillment.

Heart of Service Program – Offering opportunities to explore personal and spiritual growth
through holistic welling-being classes and workshops.

Professional Development Series – Offering mental health professionals opportunities to expand and deepen their skills through workshops on relevant field topics.

Practitioner Program – A collaborative community of practitioners consisting of over 110 private counselors and wellness practitioners who rent space in our facility.


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People House 2017 Annual Report

People House: a Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth