Warriors Way LLC: Surfing the Waves of Opportunity – Glenn Bott

Are you living your life to its full potential?

Are YOU at your full potential?

NOW is the time to begin empowering yourself and start creating the life of your dreams.  Since you’re the only one in charge of your thoughts, how about doing a little reframing to give yourself a new outlook on life?  What a great way to start the New Year!

By viewing your life as an ongoing adventure instead of the more traditional work/personal/weekend compartmentalization, you empower yourself.  Do you know of anyone who’s failed at an adventure?  Me neither.  The old compartmentalization structure doesn’t fit in today’s world.  We live in a world of incredible opportunity.  Let me help you to begin growing and taking advantage of all the opportunity that surrounds you.

I offer the analogy of our life as a surfer riding the waves.  By using this analogy as the framework for your life, it broadens your concept of life, can reduce your stress and anxiety, and is a lot more fun.


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Surfing is analogous to life:

  • There’s an infinite number of waves (opportunities)
  • There are no bad choices
  • The fun is in choosing the wave and taking the ride
  • Every wave you ride helps you improve your surfing skills


This is an excellent model to use for this New Year.  It’s a great analogy because surfing is an individual event, begins with a personal choice, is all about the ride, and is done for the fun/exhilaration.  If you adopt these attitudes, it will transform you and your life.

When moving forward in your life, you may encounter a time where your current path seems stagnant.  The excitement just isn’t there.  You’re going through your day on auto-pilot, not fully engaged in what you’re doing.  These are the sure signs that it’s time for a change.

Remembering that you’re in charge of your life, begin to explore new possibilities.  Say YES to whatever comes along – much like a surfer paddling out to ride the next wave.  Explore new avenues and careers – step out of your comfort zone.  Fully embrace your new mindset that this is all a grand adventure, and begin moving in new directions.  The Universe will support you by arranging new coincidences, emails, phone calls, invitations, etc.  Do your part by acknowledging your support, giving thanks, and taking the next step.

Have the courage to investigate new opportunities and try them on for size.  With the surfer’s attitude, this new opportunity is just a wave that looks fun to ride.  It’s inviting and seems to be setting up perfectly for you.  Remember – this isn’t a forever ride, just another wave.  There are many more that will follow.

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surfing

Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surfing


In today’s world you don’t have to choose a new career or path that will last forever.  Those days are long gone.  We live in an age of incredible opportunity.  Try it on for size and see how it feels.  If you’re energized, excited, and engaged – these are good signs that you’re on your Path with Heart.  As long as you’re moving and interacting with others, new opportunities will arise.  This is the way the Universe works – it supports you in what you’re doing.

If this new path once again begins to feel dull, ask for some guidance and begin exploring again.  Open your mind up to the endless opportunities that are coming your way.  Expect to be supported in your choice and be on the watch for how this support manifests.

Check out this short clip by Kaylin Richardson.  She’s got a Warrior’s attitude.  I like her quote – “Try it all” – great words to live by.


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