The Warrior’s Way, LLC: 3 Steps to Success by Claiming Your Power – Glenn Bott

When you give your power away you leave yourself open to disillusionment, injury and regret.


Not good.


Think about the times in your life when you were riding high, having fun, and life was going your way.  I’ll bet you a lunch that you were feeling very powerful at the time.  In your goove.  Full of life and anticipation.


Here’s some steps you can take to start increasing your personal power and reclaiming those feelings and that “winner attitude”.





Step 1 – Be Authentic                                            


Issue – Not speaking your truth and instead acting/speaking “appropriately”.  Whatever that is.


Solution – Society has many rules and interpretations.  I believe that the highest form of respect is to always speak your truth – no matter who you’re with or what the issue is.  Come from a place of love and be the best YOU that you’re capable of in the moment.  People will love, respect, and feel safe with you because they know you mean them no harm and will always speak your truth.  No games are being played.  YOU aren’t trying to gain an advantage.


Whenever you fall into the trap of thinking you need to behave a certain way, or give the appropriate response, you give your power away.


Step 2 – Be Impeccable                                         


Issue – you lack commitment in what you’re doing.  Your actions and your words aren’t aligned.  Your energy is split.


Solution – Be in the present moment and think before you speak.  Honor yourself and give yourself time to process the information before blurting out a response.  Being impeccable means walking your talk and doing what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it.  A simple equation.  Besides increasing your personal power, you will also be remembered because very few people actually honor their commitments.


Step 3 – Know Your Worth                                              


Issue – You let people walk all over you.  By trying to be liked and approved of, you twist and contort yourself in so many ways that no one knows the real YOU.  You’re always on the defensive, your self-esteem is in the gutter and you let people take advantage of you.


Solution – Stand tall and begin taking your best interest to heart.  If you don’t take of yourself, who will?  Take a breath, and start counting your positive attributes.  Take your time and do this until you start breathing easier, the weight on your shoulders lessens, and you regain your positive attitude.  Repeat to yourself that you matter, your opinions matter, and that you’re here for a purpose.


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