Professional Development Series

People House is changing up our Professional Development offerings in 2018!

April and August mark our PDS Online months! We are now offering some of our professional development opportunities via webinars so you can attend from where ever you are!

This series enables licensed mental health professionals to meet DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) requirements through workshops conducted by outstanding professional presenters. People House’s Professional Development Series can help you meet DORA licensing requirements. These workshops do not count as CEU’s.

If you are interested in applying to present a Professional Development Series workshop for 2019, please contact Ellie Patterson at 303-480-5130 or

Note: Tickets are non-refundable. If a situation arises in which you cannot make the presentation that you purchased a ticket for, the ticket will be transferred to one of our other Professional Development Series presentations. All ticket dispute decisions will be decided by the Executive Director of People House.

Up Next! March 13th, 1:30-6:00pm – “Neurofeedback”   

“HOW NEUROFEEDBACK CAN HELP FACILITATE CHANGE IN THERAPY”: Neurofeedback has been proven effective in resolving issues of ADD/ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, chronic pain, sleep, migraines TBI,menopause and much more as well as facilitating peak performance, well-being and spiritual growth. You will be introduced to how you can be certified and add this cutting edge modality to your practice to improve therapeutic outcomes.  

Cost: $65 or $200 for a 4-pack*!

Single Ticket:



Elan BenAmi: April 3 (free session), 10, 17, 24th

The Enneagram describes nine basic personality types, and their relationships to one another. While knowledge of one’s ‘enneatype’ can be eye opening, its utility for clients often fades once they get the basic gist of their personality strategy and its corresponding adjectives. This online workshop will provide you with: Concrete interventions, Tools, Exploration of Implementation into your practice, and what are your type’s gifts/challenges in the role of helping professional?

Basic knowledge of the Enneagram is necessary.

Cost: $90 (includes free first session)

May 8, 1:30-6:00pm-“Family Constellations”

Jack Blackwell: Constellation work is a tool to heal linage based patterns such as addictions, depression, generational blocks to intimacy. Family patterns are not just biological and environmental but also energetic, which can be healed.The issues can be recreated in Gestalt-like processes to present the underlying energetic patterns affecting the client.

Cost: $65 or $200 for a 4-pack*!

 July 10th, 1:30-6:00pm- “Using Dream Work with Clients”

Erin Amundson: Dream work can help clients resolve trauma, understand their true nature, connect to purpose, and receive guidance about relationships. You will be provided with a roadmap to work with clients on dreams as well as grounded tools to use in your own growth and development.

Cost: $65 or $200 for a 4-pack*!

 August 14th, 2018- “Sex Addiction”   

Dee Marcotte: This Professional Development webinar will discuss some of the salient features of sex addiction.  Many clients, especially partners of those who watch porn, worry and wonder these days if they are in relationship with a sex addict.  That alone is not an indicator of sex addiction, however that along with some other indicators may mean that someone is using sex to numb their feelings. In the webinar we will talk about some of the indicators of sex addiction and some of the necessary steps for someone to be in recovery.

Cost: $40

September 11th, 1:30-6:00pm- “The Ubiquity of Human Suffering”

Brenda Bomgardner: What if therapy and personal growth were not about getting rid of symptoms but rather about making room for symptoms. How? By disengaging in the war against normal pain and engaging in behaviors guided by values that make life deeply meaningful and fulfilling. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a modality that focuses on developing psychological flexibility through the processes of opening up, being present, and doing what matters. ALL humans are welcome to attend this experiential workshop as we take a tour through the ACT core processes. It will be fun and educational. I promise!

Cost: $65 or $200 for a 4-pack*!

 November 13th from 1:30-6:00pm – “Tools, Prayer, or Magic? Logosynthesis for Professionals”

Jonathan and Laurie Weiss– Learn Logosynthesis®, a spiritually-based technique for using a few specific words to help clients resolve issues such as anxiety, guilt, shame and disturbing memories, as well as limiting thoughts, beliefs and fantasies.

Cost: $65 or $200 for a 4-pack*!

*With a 4-pack, you can either bring 3 colleagues along, or you can come to 3 other People House Professional Development Series presentations.

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