People House Ministerial Program

People House Ministerial Training Program

Most of us feel the desire to help our fellow man. Some of us are called to a personal ministry, feeling a desire to provide some type of spiritual service as our way of contributing to the world. In the recent evolution of personal spirituality, we see a growing need for more non-sectarian spiritual ministries (having no affiliation with any type of formally established religion) to help lift the veil of separation in the hearts of us all. Therefore, we are committed to provide a program to train and ordain ministers in basic People House philosophy and spiritual sensitivity while still allowing their personal vision to lead.

People House ministerial training offers ministerial candidates a 1 to 3 year program of structured support to develop, clarify and accept their spiritual mission. Our goal is for each candidate to expand knowledge, deepen their emotional foundation and build the spiritual strength necessary to fit the ministry of choice. Our ministers are trained in the art of facilitation and the spiritual ministry. We recognize the individuality of each ministers calling and support each in receiving the training necessary to perform their chosen services in a responsible, ethical manner.

Special Features: self-designed ministry and training plan, individual study and resource accumulation, evaluation on a highly individualized basis personal mentor and/or group support.

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Contact for more information:

Rev. Wayne Tittes, Senior Minister


People House Ordination Committee:

Rev. Wayne Tittes, Senior Minister
Rose Mazone
Rev. Clyde Davis
Rev. Lori Ohlson
Rev. Sinda Jordan
Paul Zweig


And this is Wayne’s Spiritual Exploration class

 Spiritual Exploration

Spirituality refers to an ultimate or immaterial reality; an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of their being; or the deepest values and meanings by which people live.

As Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we’re never actually separate from our Ultimate Self. And we usually forget that, or don’t trust that, and live our lives our existence from our ego-based sense of self. All the money, technology or fame pale in comparison to living an authentic in conscious connection with our essence. This group will explore how to live moment-to-moment with that direct connection with our Living Spirit plus how to deal with our ego-mind and its habitual mental and emotional patterns. Using a variety of consciousness tools, we will create a safe, honest, open space for your growth.

Objectives  are:

  • developing mindfulness
  •  distinguishing between the voices of your ego and your higher power
  •  identifying & releasing worn-out, unsuccessful core beliefs
  •  clarifying your personal obstacles to peace

This is both a stand-alone program, as well as a core component of the PH Ministerial Training Program, but is open to all seeking to advance their spiritual experience.

Facilitator: Rev. Wayne Tittes, People House Senior Minister

Dates/Times: 3 week-ends over 3 mo. period

Cost:  $500 (payment plan available)

Registration/Information: Contact me for a free consultation. Wayne, 720-288-0371;

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