People House Affordable Counseling Program Internship Placements

You are invited to apply for an unpaid, clinical internship placement with us if you are a Master’s level student in counseling, psychology or marriage and family therapy. Our internship program is a clinical training program with emphasis in applying theoretical knowledge gained from academic training to the real-world experience of working with a client directly. Interns serve in the People House Affordable Counseling Program, our outpatient, psychotherapy practice, which serves a diverse population unable to afford regular priced psychotherapy. Interns are supported in learning both the clinical and administrative aspects of successfully working with clients. This is an ideal site for individuals who thrive in a supportive environment that also requires personal independence and team collaboration. It is best suited to mature candidates who eventually plan to do private practice, although that is not a requirement.




  • You must make at least a 9 month commitment to the internship regardless of when you complete your hours. The active intern period is the full 8 months following your start date, and the orientation period is the month prior to your start date. At minimum, Orientation will include one full day and one half day training plus preparation on your own.


  • You will make a commitment to the time requirements of approximately 18-20 hours per week. People House Internship will be your primary focus during that time. You will develop a caseload of clients and be expected to maintain a regular weekly schedule. In addition, you can meet many of your non-direct client hours through the varied resources and opportunities offered at People House. We provide as many flexible possibilities as we can to meet our program needs as well as yours


Components of the Internship

  • Interns will acquire and maintain a caseload of clients through our Affordable Counseling Program. Depending on intern’s background and training, clients will include individual, couple, family and children. Opportunities also exist for group and workshop experiences. Non-direct learning hours are available in many ways.


  • Using a free Google phone number and a PH email address to protect private contact info, interns respond to direct calls from clients or from referrals through our main office. Interns will do their own intake, scheduling, fee negotiation and collection, and keep PH’s client files and records on each client they see.


  • Interns are assigned office space to meet with clients and are responsible for maintaining rooms, availability and client hours on a Google calendar and drive. We have three locations locations: the main People House at 3035 W. 25th Ave. in Denver where the majority of work is done, plus a location in Lafayette and People House East at 13693 E. Iliff Ave., Suite 112 in Aurora.


  • Supervision provided includes:

(1) one hour weekly with intern’s individual supervisor.  Our supervisors are Lori Ohlson, LPC, ACS; Paul Zweig, MD; Joel Miller, MD; Dee Marcotte LPC, MFT; Barb Kamlet, LPC; Kathryn Raley, LPC, Tedd Taskey, LMFT; Elan Benami, LPC, ACS and Kathy Hawkins, MA, LPC LAC.

(2) Two hour mandatory Group Supervision four times per month.



People House is an approved site for:

Adams State University

Argosy University

Capella University

Naropa University  – Transpersonal, Somatic, Wilderness and Contemplative

North Central University

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Regis University

Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

University of Colorado at Denver

University of Denver

University of Northern Colorado

University of Phoenix


We accept student enrolled in Marriage and Family as well as regular counseling tracks.


Application Process

We accept new interns three times per year – start dates are Jan. 1, May 1 and Sept. 1. We interview and select candidates for these internship placements approximately six months ahead of the start date as follows:

For a Start Date                   Application Deadline           Interviews and Selection

Jan.1                                July 1                               July 1-30

May 1                               Nov. 1                              Nov.1 -30

Sept. 1                             March 1                            March 1 -30


To apply, send your current resume electronically prior to the application deadline to:

Lori Ohlson, loriohlson@gmail.comBe sure to indicate exactly which start time you are applying for.


References are not required.


After review of your application for suitability, it will be placed in a queue for personal interviews. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted to arrange an interview date and time. The interview will be conducted by Lori Ohlson and Paul Zweig and will last 45 min. to 1hr. You will be notified one way or the other by the end of the Interview/Selection period.


If after reading this, you have a specific question, you may email me at  I’m sorry but we do not have time/staff available for in-depth discussions or tours, although you are welcome to drop by the building.  To learn more about People House, go to our website,, or consider attending an event at People House.


Thanks for your interest.


Lori Ohlson, MA, LPC, ACS

Director, Affordable Counseling Program at People House


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