How to Connect in a Disconnected World

by Nancy R. Harris, MSS

How do you define love? What if your definition of love is causing you to feel disconnected, unhappy, unloved and/or lacking inner peace? Do you think you are capable of changing your definition of love? Liz did!

I want to share with you an excerpt from the story of one woman’s personal transformation and her unique discovery that love is like chocolate chip cookies. Love has a repeatable recipe. Unfortunately, Liz, like most of us, left home without having learned all the ingredients or knowing how to create loving connections.

In today’s fast paced world of computers, email and attached garages, where we spend more time connecting with our favorite TV characters than our neighbors, it is getting harder to connect. Yet, connecting, sharing, touching, caring, sharing is the basis for how human beings love.

One day when Liz was in College she was asked.

“What are the main ingredients you want in your LOVE recipe?”

She answered.

1. Sharing the same interests

2. Common goals

3. Physical attraction

4. Great sex

5. Good communication

6. Trust

7. Honesty

8. Respect

Liz’s mentor explained to her that she had made a great list but that her list is the qualities that make for a successful relationship and are the by-products of love. However, they are not the main ingredients in love.

Frustrated and confused. Liz asked, “Then what is love?”

She was told.

Learning how to connect and live in the loving is the journey called life”

You will know love when you feel connected…

When you have a sense of inner peace, an inner knowing that everything is okay, that everything is perfect, just the way it is. Even if you do not like it!

Love is an always present, always available Energy that each of us can tap into at anytime. It is not dependent upon another person.

You can find it in a moment of laughter, in the giggle of an infant, in the glow of a sunrise or sunset, in the flight of an eagle, or in the miracle of a butterfly. LOVE IS EVERYWHERE! LOVE IS IN EVERYTHING.

Love is the Life Force, the essence of all things. Love is the word we use to describe a gut feeling that we FEEL when we experience the bliss of being CONNECTED to the life force, (the Goodness, the Godness) in someone or something.

When we feel connected to another Life Force we say we love that situation, animal, thing… or person. Many people feel the word love is overused and therefore has little meaning. But, every time anyone says they LOVE their Spouse, Children, Pets, Art, Food, Motorcycle, Skiing, Football, the Wilderness and even Chocolate Chip Cookies, they are describing a sense of connection.

Over 30 years Liz’s journey took her to many teachers, mountain tops, workshops and college degrees. Slowly year after year she would add more ingredients to her recipe and prefect the recipe, until she knew that she had created her own unique form of connecting/loving.

Liz’s recipe for CONNECTION is:

1. Release your fears and conquer your anxieties

2. Accept what is

3. Forgive

4. Slow down, go within!

5. Have faith in a Higher Power

6. Trust and follow your intuition

7. Be grateful

8. Nature yourself

9. Give love away

10. Discover your Spiritual Life Purpose, your uniqueness

The two most important of these 10 ingredients that helped Liz to connect/love were; Releasing her fears and her anxieties and Discovering her Spiritual Life Purpose. Having a good counselor, mentor and Spiritual Teachers along the way to support Liz in her growth was all part of her journey.

Are you ready to discover your recipe for Connecting/Loving?

Are you willing to change your definition of love and to learn how to truly connect? If your answer is YES, then please trust that you can do it. Desire, willingness and intention are what it takes to get started. You many need some help. Everyone does!

The above article is an excerpt from the book Take Two Cookies and Call Me in the Morning, A story of how to connect in a disconnected world. (ELF’IN Publishing – 2003). All rights reserved by the Author, Nancy R. Harris.

Nancy R. Harris, MSS is an Intuitive Psychotherapist, Workshop Facilitator and Author. Nancy has been in private practice for 21 years. Nancy brings to her practice a BS degree in Sociology and Psychology, a master’s degree in Spiritual Science and she is currently a Doctorate Candidate. In addition she is trained in 8 Energy Psychology techniques and has created 2 Energy Psychology techniques. Nancy teaches her clients and workshop participants quick and easy ways to release emotional disturbances that sabotages them from enjoying a true sense of CONNECTION/love and inner peace. She considers her counseling a Spiritual Approach to Resolving Everyday Issues. She can be reached at or 303 692-9092

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