Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Workshop

October 27, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Personality and Communication
3035 W 25th Ave
Denver, CO 80211
Selena Sanchez

Though the Myers Briggs Testing has several different types of assessments to take, this workshop will focus on what your personality style is. This in-depth four-hour workshop covers areas such as what does your personality style mean? How can it explain your behaviors and interactions with others? A combination of 16 traits in this assessment explores what that entails for you based on a self-report assessment. Your traits are looped into a 4 digit type that represents how you see yourself.  Are you an extravert or an introvert? Are you intuitive or sensing? thinking or feeling? do you live for the moment or are you the planning type? Because this workshop covers extensive interpretation, activities, hands-on exercises, and group exploration and discussion, along with how you relate to others in communication, the more you reveal about yourself, can you help understand how you evaluate and choose others as significant in your life.

Material comes straight from Myers Briggs. If you would prefer to take the assessment on the website first, the cost of the workshop can be reduced by $50. Bring your results and see how they can be better explained in person and with other peers.


Please call 720-309-2570 to register by phone or send email to

Please RSVP one week prior to the workshop

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