Brouillette, Bodhi

Brouillette, Bodhi
Brouillette, Bodhi
Accredited Journey Practitioner, Visionary Leadership Coach, The journey Experience Presenter
Liven Truth
People House Denver

Hi, my name is Bodhi,

I am an accredited Journey Practitioner, Visionary Leadership Coach, The Journey Experience
Presenter, and Co Author of Living the Journey. My life was bleak, dark, hopeless, full of
addictions and a 17-year depression before I stepped into my first Journey Intensive Workshop
in September of 2006.

That was the beginning of a life’s purpose that I would have never guessed. I now live my life to
make a difference in the life of everyone I meet. The Freedom that has been realized needs to
be shared and from the moment I realized that Freedom the Passion began.

I am so excited to be part of the PeopleHouse as the principles I see here are Passion, Truth,
and Love. So I look forward to meeting all who would like to find a new way of living or just
want some help with the steering of a life that might be a little off course.


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Brouillette, Bodhi

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