Davis, Rev. Stephen “Clyde”

Davis, Rev. Stephen “Clyde”
Name: Davis, Rev. Stephen “Clyde”
People House Location: People House Denver
Phone Number: 720-219-0822
“As a People House minister, I find myself uniquely situated to help you seek your soul’s truth. Since I do not advocate for a particular religion or type of spirituality, I have no answers for you, but I can help clarify your questions. In fact, helping you live with uncertainty is one of my greatest aspirations. I can help keep you honest with yourself while exploring your spiritual path. I will support, guide, question, and challenge you as necessary. Most of all, I am happy to provide a humorous aside when needed, a fresh perspective on your experience, a glimpse into my own, and a non-judgmental ear for your sharing. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.”  Stephen “Clyde” Davis 
Ordained in 2009, I remain active in the People House Community. I participated in Facilitator Training for six years, and was a co-leader with Carole Adams. I have facilitated the Friday Night Adult Drop-in Support Group, held classes on Telling Your Story and co-facilitated the Exploring Spirituality Group. I have participated in men’s circles on a weekly basis since 2001, and have held leadership roles in ManKind Project and other groups. I have served on the People House Board of Directors and still remain a member of the Advisory Board. At present I facilitate the Sunday Morning Sacred Circle and theThursday night Process Group, both here at People House. I am expanding my practice as a spiritual facilitator, and welcome your input as to how I might provide more useful and challenging services for you through People House. I believe there is a spiritual component to every situation, and I support silence as a daily practice. I use “Insight Listening,” my unique style of facilitation that allows tears and laughter, clarifies tough questions, explores old behaviors through new perspectives, and leads to peace and acceptance.
Rev. Stephen “Clyde” Davis

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Listing Title: Davis, Rev. Stephen “Clyde”

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