Bleich, Malerie

Bleich, Malerie
Licensed Professional Counselor
Wisdom Heart Counseling, Workshops & Retreats
People House Denver, People House East

Through these past thirty plus years, I have been psychotherapist (still am), clinical director and program manager of several treatment programs for eating disorders and/or substance abuse. Having worked with a couple of thousand suffering people, I have become familiar with every and all aspects of the human condition-and the myriad of ways we seek escape from our suffering. However, the path out is not through escape, which ultimately drives us deeper into our misery.

The path out is through awareness. The way out is through spiritual, mental and emotional development. Should we persist, we come to experience our authenticity as an ever-changing sentient being interconnected and interdependent with all other sentient beings. To Know this is an unparalleled wisdom that is a firm, yet organic, catalyst for chosen change. This brilliant change is available to everyone-to you.

Have you been thinking about asking for help? Let’s meet.
I can assist you on the most meaningful journey of your life-the one that will reveal to you (and free you from) your habitual negative beliefs that you either created as a child or that you were incorrectly taught. You can quickly dissolve these deleterious thoughts through an eclectic approach of modalities best suited for your needs (i.e.: guided-mindful meditation, psycho-therapeutic dialogue,simple & revelatory techniques, journaling), and replace them with your own, individual, adult, consciously chosen, beliefsā€¦for happiness within. If you want to emerge into enduring inner peace you can. Do you want to? Don’t wait anymore. Let’s start!

Please visit my website for my upcoming Free workshop: “AWAKENINGS.”

Are you a professional psychotherapist? A healer? Educator for personal growth? Come to my presentations and workshops. You will not only thoroughly enjoy yourself, you will learn. What I can also promise is that you will leave feeling enlivened, changed. You will be inspired to bring forth new techniques, new ideas, new benefits to your awaiting clients! If you do not learn anything new (and you were awake during the entire experience) I will refund your money!

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Bleich, Malerie

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