Harris, Dr, Nancy R.

Harris,   Dr, Nancy R.
Name: Harris, Dr, Nancy R.
Credentials: Doctorate of Spiritual Science
Business Name: Effective Life Force Integration, Inc.
People House Location: People House Denver
Phone Number: (303) 503-8100
Business Website: NancyHarris.com

“The longest journey you will ever take is the one to yourself. Some people never purchase a ticket. Some only get halfway. Some stand like Moses glimpsing the Promised Land.” -from Life After Life, by Jill McCorkie.

If you want inner peace and true fulfillment in this life I recommend you purchase a ticket and invest in yourself. That really is what counseling is all about. The only thing you will take with you when you leave this life is the level of consciousness you obtain while here. I know how long and expensive the journey can get; I have been there and I still seek help when I feel stuck. Please trust me when I say the reward of personal happiness and fulfillment is priceless!

When only 9 years old, I had my first major spiritual and life changing experiences. At the same time I started to hear a Voice that would give me powerful information for myself and others. Due to the reactions of the people around me, I began to truly believe that I was weird… I heard voices and saw things that no one else was seeing or hearing. I felt different and crazy because no one believed me or took me seriously.

I was teased about being SO SENSITIVE and suffered physical issues because of my sensitivity. At 17 I left home and started a lifelong quest to figure out what was wrong with me. At 19 I was intuitively guided to get a degree in Sociology and Psychology and was told by my inner voice that someday I was to be a counselor. The journey would take 20 years before I would be willing and ready to walk away from a very successful career in the ski industry and sell my ski travel business in order to commit to using my intuitive gifts and fulfilling my Spiritual Life Purpose as a Professional Intuitive and Psychotherapist, Author, and Spiritual Teacher. In the 30 years since, my life has been dedicated to helping others understand, accept, trust, and use their unique and special “gifts”.

I specialize in assisting Highly Sensitive and Intuitive People accept and use their “gifts”. My intuitive and spiritual approach will transform your life and relationship(s). By using the wisdom of your body via muscle testing and acupressure points we will release your limiting beliefs and old tapes. In every session we Discover the core issue(s), Release the emotional energy that is sabotaging you and causing you to feel stuck and will Re-program the issue(s) at the cellular levels. Plus you will Discover Your Spiritual Life Purpose and learn how to listen to and trust your intuition.

I combine 50+ years of awareness of my own natural empathic and intuitive gifts with 30 years experience in Intuitive Counseling and training in Energy Psychology. Some of the Energy Psychology techniques that I am trained in are: QEER, Psych-K, NET, EFT, Logosynthesis, TAT, CKT, plus Certification in NLP. I bring to my private practice experience in Past Life Therapy, Spirit Directed Therapy plus a Bachelor Degree in sociology/psychology, and Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Spiritual Science. Plus, I have and over 45 years of study in Holistic and Spiritual methodologies.

I am also the author of Take Two Cookies and Call Me in the Morning: How to Connect in a Disconnected World, a story that shares practical wisdom for enhancing every relationship in your life.

Visit www.NancyHarris.com to learn more about my practice, my book, and information on upcoming workshops and trainings.








Private Sessions at People House and by telephone or Skype.
½ hour free consultation.
Medical insurance accepted.





January 20, 2019 to July 21, 2019 – One Sunday per month

8 workshops, SIX 2.5 hour private sessions, Mentoring and lots more!!

Intuition is the way God/Source speaks to us. Having the ability to easily and confidently access and trust your intuition daily creates emotional wellness, love, joy, inner peace and a sense of spiritual connection because you “know” your life is guided and protected. Spend 6 months being mentored by Nancy Harris a Professional Intuitive and Psychotherapist.  Learn 16 Fundamental aspects of Intuitive Awareness,

Discover your Spiritual Life Purpose, Become a clear channel for Spiritual information for yourself and others, Release that which blocks your awareness, Learn how to access Source, Understand and accept your sensitivity and “gifts”, How to always be grounded and protected, plus lots more! Visit www.nancyharris.com for an in-depth review of the program. 303-503-8100 office/cell



Facilitator: Dr. Nancy R. Harris, Professional Intuitive and Psychotherapist


Date/Time: January 20, 2019 to July 21, 2019 – One Sunday per month

Dates and times @ www.nancyharris.com


Location: People House – Dr. Harris’ office


Registration/Information: 303 503-8100 – nancy@nancyharris.com – Contact me for the cost.

  • Harris,   Dr, Nancy R.
  • Harris,   Dr, Nancy R.
  • Harris,   Dr, Nancy R.

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