Bomgardner, Brenda

Bomgardner, Brenda
Brenda Bomgardner
950 Wadsworth Blvd. #315
People House Denver

Feeling stuck? Relationships with co-workers, loved ones, and even the people we serve can be challenging to figure out. We can easily become entangled with solutions to only feel buried with confusion. We try to fix the other person. We try to fix ourselves. The harder you try to more stuck or broken you feel. What are the roadblocks that keep you stuck and how can you move beyond them?

Let me assist you in reconnecting to your strength with methods based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a unique and creative modality on the cutting edge of research. ACT is found to be effective in helping people move beyond low self-esteem, anxiety and depression with the use of mindfulness and values guided action. If mindfulness is not your cup of tea other skills such a awareness training or focus training are just as effective. What matters is that you will begin to notice the freedom to chose behaviors that work well in serving you that are in alignment with your authentic self.

If you’re ready to get back into the driver’s seat of life and get moving – Make it easy on yourself, contact me today for a complimentary session.

Also, as a Board Certified Coach and an Approved Clinical Supervisor, you can contact me to learn how ACT can fit into your practice as a clinical tool or as a business tool. Find your Sweet Spot and for a greater sense of fulfillment with meaningful direction in life and a clear purpose.

Warm Regards, Brenda

PS: New tools you can use for a life time.

  • Bomgardner, Brenda
  • Bomgardner, Brenda

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Bomgardner, Brenda

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