Clark, Betsy

Clark, Betsy
Name: Clark, Betsy
Credentials: LCSW, CPT
Business Name: Shine Integrated Therapy
People House Location: People House Denver
Phone Number: 303-455-2409
Business Website:

Counseling for women and girls who are stuck trying to live up to the world’s ideals, but are desperate to be their authentic selves and long for deeper connections with others. Life isn’t quite what you expected, it’s not quite good enough. There’s a void. You are so busy trying to fill it. You are anxious being alone, but not getting fulfillment from your relationships. You are left longing for deeper connections and less disappointment. Do you never quite get what you need and think it’s something wrong with you? You’re lonely but too busy; stressed to do it all, and do it perfectly.

Do you take care of everyone else and then wonder ‘what about me?’? Is it time to take care of yourself, uncovering your true needs and what is stopping you from feeling lovable and capable?

Diet coaching is also available. Are you stuck trying to make lifestyle changes so that you can be healthier or lose weight? Do you think you’ve failed so many times, nothing will help? There is nothing wrong with you, you need to learn how to change your thoughts about food and eating so that you can change your eating behaviors.. for good. I can teach you how to change your thoughts and behaviors so that you can make positive lifestyle changes once and for all.

Are you ready to shine? I am here to help empower you with tools to balance your thinking, find solutions and improve your moods. Shine Integrated Therapy takes a holistic approach considering things like your diet, physical activity, and lifestyle and how they will impact your moods, weight and stress. You will be supported as you create greater wellness and life balance.

Betsy Clark is a licensed clinical social worker, certified personal trainer and a certified weight loss specialist. She has worked with adults, adolescents, families and groups in a variety of settings providing therapy, education and training for 20 years. She is highly skilled at connecting with her clients and supporting them as they take steps to create positive change.

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Listing Title: Clark, Betsy

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