Ferguson, Janet

Ferguson, Janet
People House Denver, People House East

*Awarded Therapist of the Year, 2016, by the Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapists

As Herman Melville put it, “Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads…” I believe in asking clients about what has happened to them… not what’s wrong with them. Our life experiences and interactions with other human beings begin to shape and affect our lives from the minute we are born. I work with adults, children and adolescents to help define those experiences and how their lives and relationships have been affected and shaped by them. My specialties include couples and family counseling, as well as individual work with abuse and trauma survivors. I also have special expertise with narcisstic abuse. Let the healing begin.

Modern psychologists like Drs. John Gottman, Sue Johnson and Mona DeKoven Fishbane have built on the solid foundations of their forefathers/mothers to develop NEW, research-based, neuroscience-based theories and concepts that can help you, your partner, and your families better understand each other.

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Ferguson, Janet

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