Brun, Shara

Brun, Shara
Resonant Self Counseling
People House Denver

I specialize in working with people who want to liberate their self-expression, and who want to explore and detangle any webs on the way to reaching that freedom.

When we talk together, the words and ideas we exchange are important and helpful, but even more so, our nervous systems are also “conversing” and resonating. I believe we are vibrant and resonant beings, literally. My work is to find and meet you where you are in the room, verbally, historically, emotionally, and energetically. Then we explore what that place is, how you got there, and the possibilities of where you want to be now.

My training includes graduate study in Counselor Psychology at CU Denver, study in Philosophy and Sociology at CU Boulder, Group Process study in the Gestalt and Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP) modalities at Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, Vocal Toning practice and group facilitation, and over 20 years of study in the expressive arts (music, improvisation, vocal performance, composition, drama, dance, creative writing, and studio art).

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Brun, Shara

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