1929004_1177515476608_4671284_nVeronica Dieda, Executive Director

“Change is growth for the soul; at least this is how I have felt the last few years. Having lived  singularly focused on my job, I decided that life was in motion but I was not, and I was the only one who could correct this.  This is the truth that brought me to Colorado, allowed me to meet my now husband, re-enter academia and grow as a person.  I have embraced Colorado as my home and enjoy discovering its beauty with my golden retriever, Tanner.  My passion for travel has been greatly ignited since meeting my husband and I have been very blessed to see some amazing places. (Tanner usually has to stay behind because he gets motion sickness).  In the future I hope to continue seeing the world and embracing changes as they happen.”




12931109_10207617371226342_5473663785648894077_nEllie Patterson, Administrative Assistant

 “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto. Translated, this means “I am human; therefore nothing human is alien to me. These words are how I view the world and how I interact with it and people. I am currently going to Regis University for my Master’s in Counseling and hope to one day sit with every type of person and allow them to tell me their stories.  I love People House and everything they do for the community. My mom came here in the 70’s and found spiritual growth and guidance and I have found the same. I hope to continue helping People House in any way that I can to help re-pay all the good they have done for the community, my family, and myself, and continue to do.”

People House: a Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth