The purpose of People House is to create a space and atmosphere where everyone is accepted for who and what they are at this moment, and to enhance the possibilities of who and what they might become should they choose to expand their spiritual awareness. We believe to do so involves everyone living their experience of life with conscious awareness, and responsibly making their own decisions with a willingness to accept the consequences of their words, thoughts and deeds.

At People House, we believe in a few, simple guidelines, which help us increase our experience of Love. These are suggestions, not requirements. We encourage investigation and consideration of all beliefs

We believe¦

1. The experience of life is an opportunity for the expression and acceptance of Universal Love.
2. The first step to becoming the best that we can be is to accept our total self as we are now.
3. In accepting each individual for who and what they are here and now.
4. We are each unique individuals and, at the same time, one with each other.
5. In being true to one’s self and willing to state our truth to other people.
6. In acknowledging and respecting other people’s truth.
7. We have choices in our lives and the power to make conscious decisions.
8. We are responsible for the thoughts, words, actions and decisions we make.
9. In each of us is an inner wisdom guiding us to make decisions expressing our own truth.
10. Developing conscious awareness is the key to an increasingly meaningful life.
11. Spirituality is innate in every human being.
12. In the Universal Law that what we give we will receive.
13. Generosity and service are opportunities to discover inner truth and life’s deeper meaning.
14. That harmonizing one’s total self with the natural flow of how things happen enables us to create love, joy, peace, and fulfillment in our life experience.

Whose Responsibility Is It?

We want to make it clear that everyone offering services at People House is an independent healing art professional in private practice and therefore is to be held solely and totally responsible to all who make use of their services. This includes all ministers, professionals, and anyone using People House space for any and all activities. People House is not to be held responsible for problems that may result in the carrying out of their services to you. Additionally, since each person is considered a distinct and independent business, no practitioner at People House is to be held responsible for problems that may result with another practitioner. Ultimately, of course, we feel that it is YOU who are responsible for the choices you make of who and what method you may choose for your education and healing process. We suggest you trust your inner wisdom to lead you in the right direction.

The practitioners are to conduct their practice of healing, education and/or growth according to the ethics and guidelines of their particular field. In addition, they should maintain a belief in the wisdom of the individual that is in harmony with the basic People House philosophy. All practitioners maintain their own schedules. Please contact them directly for information about groups, workshops or personal appointments.

Should you feel that a Practitioner is not conducting their practice according to the ethics and guidelines of their particular field, you may wish to contact the licensing Department at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies 303-894-7855.

People House: a Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth