5 Tips for Career Change and Stress Management ll By Brenda Bomgardner

5 Tips for Career Change and Stress Management
By Brenda Bomgardner

It may be that you’ve reached a point in your career where things have stalled. To put it plainly, it’s just doesn’t feel the same going into work anymore. How are you going to make a career change and manage your stress?

Do the projects you’re working on no longer hold your interest. And the office climate may be less than desirable. Stay calm and make a plan.

Keep your eyes open. A new opportunity may suddenly present itself. However, there’s risk involved. Rolling it over in your mind, you’re convinced that your current job isn’t great. Yet, it’s solid, reliable, and has great benefits. What should you do?

Taking any kind of career risk can be stressful. Still, there are ways that you can keep your calm and make a transition to a new chapter in your career.

Look for the Logical and the Meaningful Reason to Change

One way to stay calm is to think about this transition logically. Remind yourself all of the logical and meaningful reasons why this risk is worth taking.

For example:

A chance to grow with a new organization

Having more responsibilities

The opportunity to be a leader

Financial incentives

• The intellectual challenge

When you consider things from a logical perspective, it will allow you to make this move more smoothly. Otherwise, you’ll have more stress from the anxiety about this career risk.

Stay Organized and Focused

When making a career risk it’s helpful to stay organized and focused on the task at hand.

There may be projects that you need to wrap up before you leave. Or, there is a formal exit interview process that you must complete before you can transition out.

Make sure that you have all necessary documentation required before leaving.

While at the same time stay focused on your future and even start brainstorming what you want to accomplish when you get into your new role.

Be Your Own Boss as an Entrepreneur

Does your career risk involve becoming your own boss and being self-employed?

Certainly striking out on your own has its own inherent stressors. Will you generate enough business to pay the bills? Or, how will you find clients?

It can be helpful to connect with others who have made the same move and are now successful.

Check online for groups that meet in your community with an emphasis on entrepreneurship or self-employment. At the very least, it’s nice to know you’re not the first person to ever try this and that the risk is worth it.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself

When changing careers, it’s important to still take care of yourself. If you are starting your own business it’s easy to commit all of your energy and drive to getting things up and running.

Yet, you can’t be really successful if you aren’t taking care of yourself. You won’t have the stamina to keep going, and it will be harder to manage the stress involved with taking such a risk.

Consider then these ideas for taking care of yourself even during a big career move:

• Try to get enough sleep at night (about eight hours).

• Avoid excessive snacking or on-the-go eating.

• Choose foods full of nutrients, energy, and protein.

• Exercise regularly.

• Spend some personal time disconnected from electronic devices.

You’ll find that by practicing some self-care you’ll be calmer and also more capable of dealing with whatever comes up at work.

Have a Confidant, Mentor or Guide

If you are still struggling with taking this big career risk, then maybe it’s time you talked to somebody.

A coach who specializes in career development can be really helpful at these times. You will be able to get all those thoughts and worries off your chest with someone who really understands what this decision means both for yourself personally and your career.

A fulfilling career often means taking risks. However, the stress and worry that comes with those risks can be tough to manage. By using the ideas above and also talking with a therapist, you can make this career move go more smoothly.

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About the Author: Brenda Bomgardner is in her encore career. One of her greatest joys in her career is seeing people move beyond life’s roadblocks toward a fulfilling and meaningful life. She believes each person has a purpose in life waiting to be realized and that purpose continues to evolve over a lifetime. The path to reaching your life’s purpose is as unique as each individual. We all have dreams. Step by step she will walk with you on uncovering how to bring your dreams to fruition.  Brenda is a counselor, coach and clinical supervisor and specializes in practicing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is a cutting edge evidenced-based processes. This means there is scientific research proven to show ACT works. Before becoming a therapist, she completed a successful 17 year career in Human Resources at a Fortune 500 company. On a personal note she loves the great outdoors, ATV riding, adventure travel and family.

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