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The Warrior’s Way, LLC: 3 Steps to Success by Claiming Your Power – Glenn Bott

When you give your power away you leave yourself open to disillusionment, injury and regret.


Not good.


Think about the times in your life when you were riding high, having fun, and life was going your way.  I’ll bet you a lunch that you were feeling very powerful at the time.  In your goove.  Full of life and anticipation.


Here’s some steps you can take to start increasing your personal power and reclaiming those feelings and that “winner attitude”.





Step 1 – Be Authentic                                            


Issue – Not speaking your truth and instead acting/speaking “appropriately”.  Whatever that is.


Solution – Society has many rules and interpretations.  I believe that the highest form of respect is to always speak your truth – no matter who you’re with or what the issue is.  Come from a place of love and be the best YOU that you’re capable of in the moment.  People will love, respect, and feel safe with you because they know you mean them no harm and will always speak your truth.  No games are being played.  YOU aren’t trying to gain an advantage.


Whenever you fall into the trap of thinking you need to behave a certain way, or give the appropriate response, you give your power away.


Step 2 – Be Impeccable                                         


Issue – you lack commitment in what you’re doing.  Your actions and your words aren’t aligned.  Your energy is split.


Solution – Be in the present moment and think before you speak.  Honor yourself and give yourself time to process the information before blurting out a response.  Being impeccable means walking your talk and doing what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it.  A simple equation.  Besides increasing your personal power, you will also be remembered because very few people actually honor their commitments.


Step 3 – Know Your Worth                                              


Issue – You let people walk all over you.  By trying to be liked and approved of, you twist and contort yourself in so many ways that no one knows the real YOU.  You’re always on the defensive, your self-esteem is in the gutter and you let people take advantage of you.


Solution – Stand tall and begin taking your best interest to heart.  If you don’t take of yourself, who will?  Take a breath, and start counting your positive attributes.  Take your time and do this until you start breathing easier, the weight on your shoulders lessens, and you regain your positive attitude.  Repeat to yourself that you matter, your opinions matter, and that you’re here for a purpose.


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GROWING PAINS: Towards Certainty – Lydia Taft

I am sitting here wanting for something… is this fluttery discomfort I feel excitement?  Is this feeling of unease expectation about what’s around the corner?  Or is this slight discomfort simply an emptiness I wish to fill?  I’m not fully certain; I only know something is a bit off.  And I’d rather not sit in this space for much longer.  It’s time to do some energy work.  It’s time to find alignment.

So I take a breath and settle into myself.  I search out my emotional climate.  “What am I feeling now?” I ask.  I feel complete, and soft, and full, and steady.  I really feel okay.  There is emptiness there.  There is no hunger there.  I must be expecting, I think. And then I realize it is a feeling of expectation without the knowing.  And there lies the discomfort. 

I ask myself, what do I know? What am I sure of? 

I am sure I am loved.  I am sure I am on my path.  I am sure the path is unfolding.  I am sure the sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow.  I am sure of my cats and what it feels like to pet them, and watch them.  I am sure of how they purr and take pleasure in making any spot they lay the most comfortable place in existence.  I am sure of what it feels like to look at them and feel love for them.

I am sure of my grand-daughter’s love.  Right there, that thought alone, floods me with warmth and fullness.  And that feeling is so large I bask in it for a bit and allow myself to just float on its truth.  And now I am able to appreciate all the other little things that appeal to me, and I am flooded with many ideas of more simple life pleasures that inspire joy.

I am sure of how beautiful the blue open sky and warm breeze are.  I am sure of the joy I feel when watching puppies play.  I am sure of the freedom I feel when taking a walk.  I am sure of the love I feel when hugging my husband.  I am sure of the joy of wearing new shoes.  I am sure of being here now.  My list can go on and on I realize, because there are so many more things I feel comfort in thinking about; there are so many more things I know I am certain of.

I am sure, and I am certain, of this warm feeling in my heart right now. 

And that feeling of relief is right above all things. 

The Warrior’s Way, LLC: How Far Can You Go? – Glenn Bott

Always a great question!

I believe the answer is as far as you want.  As far as you believe you can.  We live in a very supportive and malleable Universe.  I know that anything is possible as long as you have the drive and commitment to achieve it.  You have to believe.

Untitled-1More than any other time in recorded history, we are seeing old paradigms fall – and on a regular basis.  Everyone thought the world was flat until Columbus came along and had the courage to explore and prove his theory was correct.  No one thought objects heavier than air could fly until the Wright brothers proved them wrong.  In both cases, the physical rules of the universe didn’t change – all that changed was our perceptions and understanding.  It took the belief of the pioneers/visionaries to tolerate our ridicule and show us the way.

What was magical and impossible to believe is now commonplace and taken for granted.  Such is the way of progress.

If you want to improve your business and personal situation start living in a world of possibility.  Instead of assuming something will fail, begin to assume it’s possible and start moving in that direction.  Strengthen your belief on a daily basis.  With a strong commitment, I have no doubt that you will achieve the desired goal.  It may not happen overnight, but with enough belief and conviction it will happen.

Check out the link below.  Damien is doing something that has never been done before.  You can see his commitment and perseverance in his eyes.  He believed he could accomplish the desired goal.  With a little practice and refinement as he moved forward, he managed to be the first in the world to accomplish the loop.

Note to self:  BELIEVE!!


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GROWING PAINS: Attack Mode – Lydia Taft

Attack mode.  My mind bombards me with things to be concerned for. It once used huge things… nuclear explosion kinds of things that would strike and knock me off my center and onto my back.  Now it goes into stealth mode.  It is a silent stalker that seeks to ambush me with subtlety. 

I realize this seeming difference in attack mode has to do with me healing my way of thinking.  I also understand that the nature of one attack is not actually any different at all from the other.  It is still attack, and it still holds the power to unbalance me.  I think to myself that this silent attack may perhaps feel more insidious because it comes in as a whisper of unease.  That’s only because I have learned to recognize so well when I am being receptive to the negative emotion that goes hand in hand with my thoughts. 

I am recognizing the feelings more quickly than ever before.  Feelings don’t have to turn into a nuclear explosion before I address them.  Now I find that they slither in between the joy.  I find that they are prepared to strike at my heart when I allow my mind to wander down their shadowy roads.  And I think to myself how very much like a rattle snake those dark thoughts are.

All that unresolved emotion will silently slumber, and when I approach too closely it will forewarn me.  I will hear that familiar rattle, cautioning me that if I come near, it will strike.  I will know its venom.  If I come too near, I will learn who I am more intimately.  I realize the truth in that statement.  I am drawn down the shadowy paths because it is one of my dominant intentions to understand and grow beyond myself. 

And so I do step into the darkness.  I dabble in the emotion of off-ness.  This is what it feels like I remind myself, and in that instant I also know how much I appreciate and prefer my feelings of joy and clarity.  The choice is always my own.  I can continue on my journey toward the dark, or I can refocus my attention on the things I’d prefer to feel and experience. 

It’s a very simple choice to make and it is always my own.  Would I rather feel joy or would I rather feel pain?  There is not a right or wrong.  There is only a feeling and I get to decide which I’d prefer in any given moment.

When words fail – Monica Myers

Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” He was definitely on to something.Untitled-1

 I am not an artist myself, and for the record, I’d like to put as much categorical space between me and Picasso as possible, when it comes to artistic talent and accomplishment. To be sure, even mentioning myself and such a genius in the same sentence makes me tremble.  Enough said—this discussion is not about artistic accomplishment or success. It is not even about a product, per se. It is about the process— the process of engaging in art as therapy. And, like myself, you don’t need to know a thing about art to do it or benefit from it.

As a therapist and a person with over 40 years of life experience, I intuitively know that art therapy works. I’ve seen clients heal themselves while I was merely a witness to their creative process. I am amazed at how healing can occur naturally and spontaneously—like we are hard wired to instinctively know how to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need to get out of our own way. Art is really powerful in this respect. Art can bypass our discursive and grasping mind to get to a deeper more intuitive place. Carl Jung stated, “Often it is necessary to clarify a vague content by giving it visible form…Often the hands know how to solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

Although I intuitively understand that art therapy works, I still struggle to answer the question of how.  The easiest answer is perhaps that words often fail to capture our lived experience. While telling our story can be helpful, it often falls short in facilitating the processing of our feelings. Children frequently don’t have the vocabulary to express their experience and emotions. Art therapy works by giving a person a different way to express their thoughts and feelings – both through the image they create and the physical aspect of making the art.  Art can also be viewed as a “language” and its lexicon is that of the symbol.  Symbols, metaphors, dreams and wishes all have their origins in the unconscious.  Because art uses symbols, it can be an effective way to access the unconscious where a lot of our deeper truths reside.  Marion Woodman, a psychoanalyst, believed that when we attune to our psyche, images emerge that provide direction for our innate healing process. She stated:

 Since the natural gradient of the psyche is toward wholeness, the Self will attempt to push the neglected part forward for recognition.

 In this sense, art can act like a portal or a bridg, e from ordinary reality to an inward mind-body state that is deeply healing; a place where an individual has the power to envision, create, change, heal, and grow. In our imagination, we can glimpse images that heal us; it is the process of working with these images that is so powerful.

 Today, advances in neuroscience and psychobiology are helping us to clarify the benefits of creative arts therapies. While verbal and cognitive processing skills are mostly left brain activities, memory and images involve largely right brain processing. Art therapy works with images, but it is also a sensory experience as it involves a variety of tactile and kinesthetic activities. This sensory stimulation has many benefits for children and adults alike, particularly when it comes to healing trauma.

 Bessel van der Kolk’s research on the impact of trauma (2006) suggests that highly charged emotional experiences are encoded by the limbic system and right brain as sensory memories. Consequently, expression and processing of these memories on a sensory level is an important part of successful intervention. For some individuals, conveying a memory or story through one or more expressive modalities is more easily tolerated than verbalization, which can be re-traumatizing. Current thinking about trauma supports the use of more sensory-based interventions such as art therapy because they are predominately right brain driven.  Additionally, non-verbal expression through painting, play, or other imaginative activity may offer a corrective experience, in and of itself, for some people.

 MRI and PET imaging has further provided proof that art therapy has a positive effect psychologically and emotionally, precisely because it affects the wiring in the brain.  Studies have revealed that when someone imagines doing something like playing in an ocean wave or riding a bicycle, those areas of the brain involved in actually doing the activity light up.  Drawing or making an image is more powerful than simply imagining it.  It can and does make lasting changes in the brain.

 This knowledge of the brain has powerful implications for our daily lives and in terms of succeeding at reaching our individual goals. When we can imagine things, we can dream life forward. In other words, imagining something is the first step in manifesting it. If you can imagine yourself receiving that promotion, for example, actually creating a concrete image of yourself in that particular context in some form will help you to manifest the situation in real life. If you can’t see yourself doing something in your mind’s eye, you can’t make it happen. Therefore, working with imagery becomes a powerful tool for rehearsing and channeling our intentions. There’s something inherently spiritual or sacred about it…prayer, art and healing all come from the same source.

 Art therapy benefits the average person. In reality, everyone is an artist, possessing the capacity to imagine and to express imagination; and everyone has the capacity to heal him or herself through the creative process.


Monica Myers, MPH, MA, LPCC is a therapist who helps facilitate healing creative processes for her clients. Find out more about Monica and her practice online at the Boulder Art Therapy Collective.

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